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           Haidang Tourism & Hotel JSC would like to send customers greeting respect, thank you for your interest in supporting and using the Company's products, services   and best wishes health, happiness and success!

         HAIDANG PLAZA Tourism & Service Centre is located in the heart of Haiphong city(No. 19 Tran Khanh Du - Ngo Quyen - Hai Phong) the company has launched the basis of the following services:

           Saomai Seafood Restaurant with VIP dining rooms located in three large bungalows both nationalistic and modern. Here, the forest serves specialties and seafood, especially dishes made from all kinds of Lobster in the world: Lobster cotton, green lobster, bamboo lobster ...

          Cho Hai san ba mien  (3 regions of Vietnam: North, Middle, South Seafood Market) offers fresh seafood quality, competitive price.

          Mimoza Restaurant is located on the campus of Haidang Plaza, dining room system is designed in the style of Japan, a team of veteran serving in the Japanese restaurant, the food was typical  of the rising sun country .

         Valentino Bar serves continental breakfast with grilled pizza spot, Asian style breakfast with 
Sao Mai salmon noodle dish .... with diversity beverages.

          HAPPY WEDDING PALACE  capacity of 1200 guests with new style wedding, conference, seminar, banquet ..... interesting program sure will make you satisfied.

         Saomai Health Club  with relaxation room full of modern amenities, services, dry sauna, steam bath, Salt Steam Bath, Jacuzzi, hot & cold water (Jacuzzi ), a not-to-pool, sports exercise room. Especially the senior room Massages modern equipment. Services Chinese foot massage technology, with 
young, high-tech staffs.

         Haidang  beer cellar with unique architecture has been put into operation. Here, the line of carefully selected wines from twelve countries: France, Italy, Chile, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Hungary, South Africa, the current beer from the Kingdom of Belgium, the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Japan, ... be served with its excellent cuisine .... All aims to bring the exciting moments of relaxation, comfort for you after hours of hard work.

 food and beverages, good quality imported products, competitive price, attractive discount, special, assigned address exclusive mineral water Borjomi  in Hai Phong.

          HAIDANG PLAZA with liberal space, quiet, spacious car park with modern facilities is the venue for weddings, banquets, parties, birthdays, review and exchange of business .. .., is a reliable address of visitors from near and far to visit Haiphong city.
We wish you health, happiness and success!

Head office:
19 Tran Khanh Du Str ,Ngo Quyen Dist , Haiphong 
Tel: (031) 3.628.555/628.999 - Fax: (031) 3.628.666
Email: marketing@haidangplaza.com.vn 

Catbi Plaza Conference & Weding Center
Add: Catbi Plaza Center,  No 1 Lehongphong Str- Ngo Quyen Dist - Haiphong - Vietnam.
Tel: (031) 3.787.555  Fax: (031) 3.787.555

Sao Mai Seafood restaurant
Japaness Mimosa 
19 Tran Khanh Du Str ,Ngo Quyen Dist , Haiphong 
Tel: 0313.628.999
  Hanoi Branch
No 131 Pham Van Dong - Cau Giay - Hanoi
Tel: 043.729.0400

Fax: 43.729.0400
 Haidang Happy Palace conference & Wedding Center
No 19 Tran Khanh Du Str ,Ngo Quyen Dist , Haiphong 
Tel: (031) 3.688789
 Catbi restaurant
Add: Catbi Plaza Center,  No 1 Lehongphong Str- Ngo Quyen Dist - Haiphong - Vietnam.
Tel: 0313.58.9999  Fax: 0313.58.9999
  Dầm Xanh Fish farm
 Bò Báu village, Tân Sơn communes, Mai Châu dist,
Hòa Bình provice, 

Salmon, sturgeon fish farm
Chu Va village,  Sơn Bình communes, Tam Đường dist,
Lai Châu provice Vienam
Haidang Plaza Trade and Service
No 19 Tran Khanh Du, Ngo Quyen, Haiphong
Tel: 0313.628.555

Catbi Plaza Trade and Service
Add: Catbi Plaza Center,  No 1 Lehongphong Str- Ngo Quyen Dist - Haiphong - Vietnam.
Tel: 0313.628.555
Haidang alcohol cellar
 La Trape beer cellar  
Sao Mai Bar
19 Tran Khanh Du Str ,Ngo Quyen Dist , Haiphong Tel: 0313.68.6699
Valentino Club
Bar City View
 No 1 Lehongphong Str- Ngo Quyen Dist - Haiphong, Tel: 0313.58.9999